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BELIEVE&TRAIN's goal is to promote a healthy lifestyle and to inspire and motivate everyone into sports, fitness and a happy life.


Believe Train

"I started running in 2001 after a multiple right foot fracture. My doctor told me that I was never going to be able to run or rock climb well. Now, after many marathons, running is my passion and besides doing it for my health and as a hobby, i run to inspire others to also run, go out and practice any sports and enjoy a happy healthy life. Believe&Train medal hangers are the result of this passion. I thank all the people who have believed in me and our medal hangers. I also invite you to proudly display your medals in one of our hangers. I know it is not easy to run a 5k, 10k or a marathon. It takes determination, training and self confidence. Share your medals, inspire others! " Jorge E. Believe&Train's founder.

"BELIEVE&TRAIN" are the two essential components to reach our goals.  We first have to "BELIEVE" in ourselves and then set a goal.  But that is not enough, then we have to "TRAIN" hard to reach the goal.  Otherwise, it will not happen!

From the competitive athlete always trying to set up a new PR, the active business man that wants to stay fit, and the student who participates in sports; to the young parents who motivate their children to practice a sport and the ones who want just to be in good shape. Each one has their own goals and dreams. When reaching the "finish line" of a race or getting a medal for their effort, the feeling of achievement is simply amazing!

We want everyone to feel proud of those medals, show them and encourage more people to reach their goals, to never give up and to keep their story going further, by believing and training.

"BELIEVE&TRAIN" is inspired by the passion, determination and commitment of our founder, Jorge E., an amateur runner, entrepreneur and father of two amazing children, whose "BELIEVE&TRAIN" personal story began many years ago by taking running as his number #1 hobby. After 16 marathons (and counting), a few half-marathons and many other races, he keeps inspiring people to be active, run, smile and enjoy life "one step at a time"!

Jorge is an active member of the Austin Runners Meetup and Austin Runners Club. You might see him running in Austin with Frida, his Weimaraner running partner.

The BELIEVE&TRAIN brand including its logo and the names 'Believ&Train' and 'Believe&Train' were created since 2013.  They are trademarks of Alveni, LLC.


On the News

Local entrepreneur sells medal displays.
Source: Four Points Newspaper. Austin, TX. Sep. 16, 2014.


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