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    Five lessons learned from fundraising.

    Five lessons learned from fundraising.
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    I have learned since I was a kid that one of the most amazing gifts and privileges of life is "giving".  My mom always visited retirement homes and did all...

    My best marathon! (Part 2)

    My best marathon!  (Part 2)
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    It's race day for NYC Marathon 2016. I went to bed early on Saturday knowing that I had to be at 4:30 am at a specific location to meet Lorena, the Achilles athlete I was going to be guiding.  My best marathon was about to begin.

    My best marathon! (Part 1)

    My best marathon!  (Part 1)
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    Usually a "best marathon story" is about how great you body felt running, how fast your pace was or how you achieved a PB  or PR.  Well, this is not one of those stories.  But, believe me, it changed my life and the way I see marathons.

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